Thursday, June 21, 2018

Scarlett #6 - watercolor

watercolor, 2018
available, 11"x15"

      I've been putting a lot of time into trying to get figures - especially skin tones - to a place where I'm happy. I'm finally seeing a lot pf progress and I'm starting to do more at larger sizes. Most of my figures, whether dressed or not usually are either 5"x7" or 8"x10." A larger size allows more room to work the nuances of form as light wraps around the body. I'm also playing with vignette and silhouette in terms of design. While I could pick apart a couple spots in this one, there's a lot I like about it.


  1. I am impressed! Especially like her shoulders(which I find very difficult). Happy PPF

  2. Beautiful! I like the way you faded away the extremities, emphasizing the figure's face and torso as your focal point. Happy belated PPF and Blessings!