Thursday, February 15, 2018

Tour Guide Rev - watercolor

watercolor, 2017
available, 11"x15"

      This was from a quick grab shot of an owner/guide of a golf cart tour we took around Southport, NC last July. He was quite a character and made the tour much more than just a history lesson. I'm very happy with the multitude of shadows and color shifts in this one. Some of those color shifts in his skin tone fought me at every step.


  1. Oh you did a fantastic job! Wonderful portrait! I haven't tried portraits afraid! :-) My brother used to live in Southport...we've attended their Fourth of July celebration!

  2. Oh wow....lve this...summer much character and you have worked the skin beautifully...very clever indeed....happy pff (#7)...x

  3. Fabulous, can feel the breeze and the warm sun!

  4. Your art always amazes me! Completely awesome! Sounds like a fun tour. ;P