Thursday, October 13, 2016

Hatteras #3 - watercolor

watercolor, 2016
available, 11"x15"

      The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse as seen from the Keeper's House. I shot the reference for this during our trip to the Outer Banks last year. I'm quite happy with this one -- even the sky, though the scan washed out much of it. The only thing I would do differently is add a touch more warm color in the lighthouse shadow near the bottom. And maybe one more person closer to the foreground.


  1. the lighting is really nice in this, the lighthouse has the right amount of darks and lights on it to make it look like its something you could reach out and touch

  2. Before I scrolled down, I thought the top of this was a photograph! Lovely work.

  3. Well done. I love the little bit of warm color you brought in on the white parts of he light house.

  4. Impressive work of the lighthouse. Love it!

  5. Such a beautiful painting of such a beautiful place, Anthony!
    (I was there last year also! Wouldn't it be funny if we were there at the same time?!?)