Thursday, September 8, 2016

Angie #32 - watercolor

watercolor, 2016
nfs, 7"x11"

      Here's another small one that was supposed to be a color test that drew me in and I couldn't help myself. Like so many photos of my wife, I've drawn or attempted to paint this one several times. This is the best attempt at this one to date.
      Here's what my daughter posted on Facebook when she shared this image on her page:

               I just want y'all to know that my house is absolutely covered in portraits of 
               my mother and my brother and I that my dad has created. The evidence of 
               his love literally surrounds us. This is what I strive for. He has found his own 
               way of showing us how much he loves us and to walk into that house is a truly 
               remarkable thing.

      What could I possibly add to that?


  1. really beautiful portrait and a lovely tribute from your daughter. Happy PPF!

  2. Not a thing to be added. Your wife is beautiful and your daughter has the love of you in her heart.