Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Angkor Wat Sunrise - watercolor

watercolor, 2016
available, 11"x15"

      In a previous post I said I wanted to stay away from Angkor Wat in Virtual Paintout's Cambodia month because it seemed like an obvious choice. But, of course, I still wanted to explore the site a little in case there were views I just couldn't pass up -- like this one.  Even more appropriate is the fact that the site opens extra early - 5 am - to allow tourists to catch the sunrise from the temple. Now, add to that the fact that I think I hit a loose, impressionist rendering of the scene spot on and I am as happy with this as I'm likely to get.


  1. really nice darks, great contrast in values :)

    I was going to paint this same shot, glad I didn't now lol

  2. gorgeous work Anthony-your way with watercolors is so impressive. happy PPF!

  3. Beautiful lights and shadows. Great artwork!

  4. You certainly captured the site. Your impression of this place is striking.