Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sidewalk Sale - watercolor

watercolor, 2015
available, 9"x12"

      This is from a shot I took in Blowing Rock, NC. Actually, it's the same location as Daisy Shopping posted in July. I'm happy with several individual parts of this one, especially the scarves and bag hanging on the left. Overall, it's just loose enough, though I could have loosened up a bit more. But the rough paper gave me such a difficult time I'm rethinking my strategy for choosing rough over cold-pressed paper. I'll probably be using a lot more cold-pressed paper and reserving the rough stuff for very specific images.


  1. A beautiful watercolour Anthony,
    I have all of my scarves hanging just like that. It's a lovely loose painting.
    I also prefer cold-pressed paper too.
    Happy PPF to you.

  2. How extraordinary you are! Your artwork is incredible. Fills my eyes it does--to the very brim.

  3. Wow! Anthony this is amazing. Very well done indeed.