Thursday, January 1, 2015

Sunday Morning, Fall Market, High Point NC - watercolor

watercolor, 2014
original available, 15"x22" $300

      Really stretching with this one -- and pretty happy with the result! It's looser than most of my previous paintings. It has an expanded color palette. It has a much expanded view of subject matter. And it has figures in a landscape. All of these are things I've been working on -- or trying/wanting to work on. And here they all are in what I consider a pretty successful painting. Having said all that, by the time this post went live I've already started -- and probably am nearly finished -- re-painting this one. The more I looked at it, the less I liked the inclusion of the hood of my Jeep at the bottom and some of the ads on that bridge structure between the two buildings. We'll see how the second attempt looks. Maybe I'll post it and leave this one up too.
      And for those who don't know, the International Home Furnishings Market (which was in full swing when I took the reference photo for this painting) is a twice-yearly convention of sorts in High Point NC where furniture and other home furnishing manufacturers host buyers from stores from all over the world. It's here that these buyers find the products that will fill their stores for the next few months. High Point's normal population of about 107,000 doubles during these two weeks each year (one week in the spring and one in the fall) and brings in more than $5 billion.

     And happy new year to one and all!

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