Thursday, July 23, 2015

Daisy Shopping - watercolor

watercolor, 2015
available, 11"x15"

      Many people have seen the movie Driving Miss Daisy. If you haven't, you should. I think I've mentioned before that I often drive my wife, mother-in-law, mother, and two sisters - or any combination - around shopping on weekends. My wife has always liked for me to do the driving; I have a good sense of direction and usually remember how to get back to places we've only visited once. For years I have likened that to Driving Miss Daisy and over the years I've gathered more and more Daisies to drive around. That's where I got the title for this piece. I drove the Daisies to Blowing Rock, NC a few weeks back and got a shot of them at this little shop. I took the liberty of changing the flowers outside to a loose semblance of daisies.


  1. Gorgeous art work. Happy Friday!

    Love and hugs

  2. Your work is simply outstanding. I don't always drive my daisies (wife and 2 girls), but I do love that movie. Happy belated PPF! #11

  3. This is great. Makes me wish I was at the market.

  4. Fabulous painting! Yes, i loved the movie Driving Miss Daisy too. Should see it again, really. Loved your little story with the painting. You have wonderful talent. The perspective in that painting is perfect. Thank you, Hoke. ;)